13 Laws of Servant Leadership

In a nutshell, these 13 Laws help explain the important concepts of servant leadership.

  1. Servant leadership is not an oxymoron:  Great leaders will sacrifice personal gains for the gains of their people. Lead for love, not glory.

  2. People come first. Business comes second: People can upright a boat, but a boat can’t upright people.

  3. Results. Results. Results: Lead with passion. People who share your passion will follow and produce incredible results.

  4. Embrace Relationships: Relationships are to be relished, not feared. Relationships and common purpose are synergistic. 

  5. Self-awareness is non-negotiable: How can you expect to help someone, if you refuse to help yourself?

  6. Over-communicating is an oxymoron:  There is no such thing as too much well-meaning and transparent communication, period!

  7. Give up your power to become powerful: Trust others and they will trust you. Push decisions to the lowest level possible.

  8. Radical listening is critical: The greatest respect you can show another is to truly listen.

  9. Everyone is a leader: Lead and be led; it makes the perfect circle.

  10. Search for spots to light, not for the spotlight: Be the beacon to help guide those in need.

  11. Lead with an inclusive heart: Support an evolutionary need. Social exclusion and social isolation literally hurt.

  12. Healing is curative: Healing takes partnership.  Help to heal the whole person and cure dis-ease.

  13. Servant leadership is a way of being: Priorities and fads come and go, but core values define you.

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