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Coaches on Call

Are you a new or fairly new STEM leader looking for some help with a challenge you have? Or maybe you are looking for a breakthrough so that things don't break down? And you would like this help for a reasonable price? Then Coaches on Call may be for you.

Coaches on Call

CoC is a weekly, one-hour group coaching call. You'll join other leaders who are experiencing their own challenges or looking for their own breakthroughs, in a safe and confidential environment. It is where clarity leads to victory.

Why would you want a coach from Coaches on Call? A coach is the ultimate sounding board. They are an "interested" third party who are really good at asking questions about leadership development that help you find your answer. And, you get the wisdom of other leaders who are experiencing similar challenges and want to help.

The Group Coaching process? It's pretty simple:

  1. Connecting

  2. Share some content

  3. Discussion/Coaching

  4. Closing

Best of all, Coaches on Call is only $147 per month 

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