Implementing Servant Leadership

In working with various organizations over the years, a very simple, yet very effective way to implement servant leadership has been developed. The steps are outlined below. Also found below is a placemat, that conveniently lists the steps on one side, and a process approach for an organization to use, on the other side of a one-page document. For a more in-depth explanation of the process, please call or email.

Step 1 - What is your purpose?

- A purpose statement answers the why. It inspires, excites, and energizes people. It will help to align the organization. It answers the question, How do you make the world a better place?

Step 4 - What is your vision?

- This is an inspiring statement of where you want to be.

Step 7 - Are you aligned?

- Do people's passions and their skills line up with your organization's needs?

Step 2 - Where are you? Where do you want to be?

- What is your current state? What do you want your future state to be? A SWOT analysis will helpful here.

Step 5 - What are your values in action?

- What is the evidence that you walk your talk?

Step 8 - What is your foundation?

- What words and phrases explain what is important to your organization?

Step 10 - Tasks to complete:

- Current tasks/goals

- Where are the gaps?

- What are the top priorities?

- How will they get done?

Step 3 - Whose shoulders do you stand on?

- What is your organization's story? What is its history?

Step 6 - What behaviors will you model?

- Leadership skills are learned by combining knowledge with action.

Step 9 - What is your leadership style?

- Does the current style support everything on this map? If not, what style will be adopted? Are there gaps that need to be addressed?