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Scott Knutson

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Scott is a leadership and organizational development professional with a proven ability to design and implement successful leadership development training strategies as well as organizational change initiatives. He is a certified leadership coach, focusing specifically on leaders with STEM backgrounds, and is currently working on additional certification through the International Coaching Federation. He is recognized as an expert in human performance and leading organizational change. 


Scott saw the light many years ago and moved from being an autocratic kind of leader to a collaborative leader, and along the way discovered servant leadership. This style so resonated with him, that Scott is currently working on his dissertation on servant leadership at Grand Canyon University for his doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Scott is an accomplished speaker and trainer and has traveled the world delivering leadership training programs to small and large audiences. 


Starting his career in semiconductor manufacturing, Scott moved quickly from manufacturing associate to manufacturing management. When his new team could not get the training that Scott thought they needed to be successful, he brought his problem to his Operations Manager. The leader agreed with Scott that the training being provided was not good enough, and told him to go fix it. While only knowing what didn't work in training his team, Scott quickly learned about training and development and found his passion. and was ultimately responsible for employee training and development. Scott moved from semiconductor manufacturing, to pharmaceutical manufacturing, and then into mining, all in various leadership roles in training and development. Scott and his teams have been relied on by front line leaders all the way up to the executive suite to successfully improve performance with various teams and individuals.

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