13 Laws of Servant Leadership

This post initially appeared on LinkedIn on 6/9/20.

With the state of affairs in the U.S. being what they are, I thought it might be of benefit to share something my team and I came up with to help a leadership team we were working with better understand servant leadership. Called the 13 Laws of Servant Leadership, these are the key concepts the make servant leadership what we believe is the most beneficial form of leadership yet defined.

1. Servant leadership is not an oxymoron

2. People come first. Business comes second

3. Results. Results. Results

4. Some people fear relationships

5. Lead with your heart

6. Self-awareness is non-negotiable

7. Over-communicating is an oxymoron

8. Give up your power to become powerful

9. Servant leadership is a way of being

10. Radical listening is critical

11. Everyone is a leader

12. Don’t search for the spotlight. Search for the spots to light

13. Healing is curative

Over the next several weeks, I’ll focus on each of the laws individually and provide an explanation of what each means to us. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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