13 Laws of Servant Leadership

Law #5 - Self-awareness is Non-negotiable

According to the authors of an article in the MIT Sloan Management Review titled “How to Become a Better Leader,” self-awareness is the most important capability for leaders to develop (Toegel & Barsoux, 2012). Vitello-Cicciu, Weatherford, a Gemme (2014) found that leadership behavior changes for the better occur when self-awareness is present.

Servant leaders intuitively know this. They take the time to understand and monitor their own emotions so that so that even during stressful times they can show up in a helpful way. They know that they can’t be a servant leader if they are not aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They can’t help others heal, they will struggle to feel empathy for others, and it will be difficult to be an active listener if they are not self-aware.

How do you show up to others? Do you understand the messages you send? Honesty and courage pave the way for servant leaders to get in touch with their own emotions and be at their best. 

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