13 Laws of Servant Leadership - Law #1

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Last week we provided a list of our 13 Laws of Servant Leadership. Each week moving forward, we'll summarize what each law means. This week we look at the first law.

  1. Servant Leadership is not an Oxymoron

Sometimes people hear the word servant and automatically think of someone who serves another, the one who serves somehow being lower in station to the one being served. While it is true that the word servant does mean to perform duties for others, that is not what it means in this context. A servant leader is one who is an ardent supporter of others. In the context of the business world, it would be her employees. She makes sure each is taken care of and offers a healing hand if need be. A servant leader gladly helps his employees learn and grow. A servant leader also sometimes gives difficult and direct feedback to help that person grow. One below the station of another would never think of doing that.

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