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Great Leaders Don't Retreat - They ADVANCE!

That's Exactly What You'll Do at Our Leadership Advance: An Un-Retreat. 

Join us for a workshop that will completely transform you as a leader, creating a lasting shift in your leadership style. In this workshop you will learn how upgrade your Leadership Operating System, and is based on the data that comes from completion of the Leadership Circle Profile® 360 assessment. The report generated from the assessment provides a detailed look at how a leader rates against 18 Creative leadership capabilities that are strongly positively correlated to leadership effectiveness, as well as if any of the 11 Reactive leadership tendencies that are strongly, negatively correlated to leadership effectiveness, might be weighing a leader down.

If you are ready to commit to yourself as a leader and look at how you can make a lasting impact while leading with your heart, sign up today to reserve your spot for our next online event!

*space is limited
leading 2 serve (Facebook Cover)-10
leading 2 serve (Facebook Cover)-11

The Leadership Advance Agenda

Virtual Program
(20 hours over four weeks)

Introductory Meeting
Anthem Group Activity
Bridgework: L.O.V.E. Leadership Process
Second Meeting
Review Bridgework
Background on LEGO®
Breakout Room Share
LEGO® Build Discussion
Bridgework: Values
Third Meeting
LEGO® Skills Build
LEGO® Values Build Dyads
LEGO® Build Discussion
Bridgework: Personal Purpose Statement
Fourth Meeting
Review Bridgework
Purpose/Mission LEGO® Dyads
LEGO® Build Discussion
Bridgework: Roadmap
Fifth Meeting
Review Bridgework
Roadmap Dyads
Leadership Performance
Wrap-Up: Commitment Exercise and Leadership Advance Group
Final Reflection

Price: $6,300 USD


In-person Program
(20 hours over multiple days)

First Meeting
Introductory Dinner
Anthem Group Activity

Second Meeting
Review of Anthem
L.O.V.E. Leadership Process
Values LEGO® Build
Personal Purpose Statement
Personal Purpose LEGO® Build
Group Activity/Dinner

Third Meeting
Leadership Performance
Leadership Performance (cont.)
Wrap-up: Commitment Exercise and Leadership Advance Group

Price: $9,900 USD
(includes food and lodging)


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