How do you keep the top talent that you have, and attract the top talent that you need? By being an engaged leader who has meaningful dialogues as a matter of course.

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number 1
Discover your leadership strengths and reflect on who you are as a leader

When you know your strengths, and you have dug deep to understand what drives you and how your history informs your current leadership style, you begin to see your strengths and utilize them more effectively when building relationships.

L. - 2 months

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Number 2
Identifying/ prioritizing your values

Lead with your values to be the best version of yourself. Understanding your values, why they are your values, and in what priority they fall, will help you get there.

V. - 2 months

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Number 3
Writing your personal purpose statement

"I am a leader who does all he can to help others become the best versions of themselves."

When you have a statement like the one above, you provide a powerful acknowledgement of your passion and drive for the world, and yourself, to see and live.

O. - 2 months

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Number 4
Creating your compass and defining success

You know where you are as a leader today. You are good, but you feel you can, and should, be better. You've defined what that "better" looks like - a more passionate, caring, and result oriented leader. Now what are the steps you need to close the gap? To get you from here, to there? Those steps are your compass.

L. - 1 month

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Number 5
Learning how to improve your performance

Learn about the science behind living and leading from your heart. Learn how leading from your heart can improve your performance, your relationships, and your energy levels.

E. - 2 months

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Beta testing your new leadership approach

Once you have all the pieces in place, you'll begin to lead differently. You will share your experience with your coach and get your questions answered as well as implement any needed tweaks to become that best version of yourself.

L.O.V.E. - 3 months

Join other leaders who have discovered that the key to retaining and attracting top talent is as simple as engaging in meaningful dialogue. This cannot happen however, until a leader is self-aware, knows what drives him or her, and lives her or his values daily - also known as leading from the heart!